autoload_agent.exe (It is a tool that you can automatically download the software from Autoland website. It is more efficient and useful. You will not need to worry about the capacity of your mail server anymore. [DOWNLOAD]


How to use AUTOLOAD software?

Step1. Autoland website -> Member Login -> Software Download Tools & Instructions


Step2. Download autoload_agent.exe (automatic software download tool)


Step3. Click Save


Step4. Save autoload_agent.exe on the desktop.


Step5. Install autoload_agent.exe. Please fill in ID and Password, which are the same as the ones you use to login Autoland Member.


Step6. Click Save Set and then click Yes to finish the setting. When the installation is complete, you will find an icon on the right side of the toolbar.


Step7. Send an order through Autoland website to get free software.


Autoland website -> Member Login -> Software Upgrade (or YUP Software Upgrade) -> Select the software (If it is YUP software, you can choose to download by package or by vehicle make.) -> Select the PS-Module Serial Number -> Click Order -> Click Proceed -> Click Send Software -> Click Confirm on the pop-up window. After 5 to 15 minutes, your order will be ready for downloading by autoload_agent or Autoland system will send you the software by email.


Step8. Selection Manu [Right click on the icon of autoload]















[Status] Browse Autoland website. If you want to login member and to send software request order, please use IE explorer.














[Soft View] You will find the software which has been received by AUTOLOAD. You can load it on your PS-Module by File Manager.














[LogView] Check the log of received software.


 [DownLoadQuery] Execute the software download. The software will be saved on C:\autoload\order


 [Options] Change the AUTOLOAD setting.


 [Exit] Exit the program.


 [Help] See On-line Help.



[About] Program Version