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The 40th ePaper Technical Guidance -
TOYOTA New model Wireless Code Setting
When a new wireless remote is added, lost or does not function after repair, must to do Wireless Code Registration or Wireless Code Erasure. How to do it utilizing iScan-IIwt, please login member to see the details.
Install & Download Tools
New Autoland Utility V1.1.4

To support new file structure, please be sure to download and install new version Autoland Utility V1.1.4 tool to load and burn the vehicle software on iScan-IIwt.

Windows XP SP3
Customer with OS: Windows XP SP3, please download PSM3_Patch_for_XP_SP3.ZIP and install it to solve fault code # 0032 on iSCAN-IIwt/PS-Module3.
08-DEC-2014 , FUSO 2014.11/2013.12SP1 USEN/TWCH
08-DEC-2014 , Maserati 2014.11 USEN/TWCH/JPJP
08-DEC-2014 , NISSAN 2014.11/2013.12SP2 USEN/TWCH/JPJP/MXSP
05-NOV-2014 , BMW Programming V2014.10/2013.12SP3/2012.12SP7 USEN/TWCH
05-NOV-2014 , BMW F-CIP V2014.10/2013.12SP2 USEN/TWCH
05-NOV-2014 , BMW Encoding Database V2014.10